Thursday, June 14, 2018

Liovi Shows Big Improvements for the Symptoms Associated with Autism


This was one of the first words introduced to me when I was searching for ways to heal my kids' gut issues about 11 or so years ago. 

You find them in fermented foods like pickles and yogurt. 

While reading books on ways to improve my children's immune system, I learned that healing the gut was a huge part of the process.  I also learned that once you began healing the gut, the functions of the brain started to heal as well.  It sounded too good to be true, but I trusted my own "gut" instinct and took a leap of faith starting a journey that changed my families lives forever....for the better!

You might think, like I did a few months ago, that you know everything there is to know about Probiotics and gut health.  There is a good chance you have already tried adding some into your diet, whether through food or supplement.  Maybe you were impressed.   Maybe you were like me.

I have a couple of probiotic capsules and drinks that I really enjoy.  They make my tummy feel so much better.  But I never noticed a huge change in my children's health when adding in a probiotic supplement into their diet. I was discouraged, but over the years, I went on to try other things and didn't think too much about it.

Until last October, when a dear friend of mine introduced me to a new patented probiotic yogurt drink with only one known person with autism who had ever tried it. And that person was having amazing success with their symptoms diagnosed as autism.

It was so new, no one in our community had heard of it before.

I was intrigued but leery, as I learned the yogurt was dairy based.  My children had been dairy free for over a decade.  I didn't want to mess up the good thing we had going.

My "gut" told me my friend was right and I decided to give it a try.  My boys were older and did not have any life threatening allergies so the risk was very small.

To say that I was blown away by how my oldest son with autism reacted would be an understatement.  He was becoming so much more calm, cool and collected.  His OCD habits were disappearing.  We were on to something!

My youngest son's story is much more complex.  You can read about it here in the TMR blog.

So you know it's not just MY kids, I wanted to share the progress of some other kids I know personally who are using Liovi, too.

Who knew a probiotic, with a specific patented strain, would be so life changing?

Let me tell you about D:

D is a 13 year old boy who is mostly nonverbal but types using a word processor to communicate.

When D started Liovi, he had an ATEC score of about  77.  This was after doing Biomedical Interventions since the age 18 mos.  He has made a lot of progess, but still faced some significant challenges.
One of his biggest recent challenges was pooping in the toilet.  He would go into the bathroom, poop in the bathtub and then throw it on the floor. This went on  2-3 times a day and took a huge amount of time to clean up and sanitize each day.
After using Liovi, D started to use the toilet when having a bowel movement!  No more scrubbing the bathroom multiple times a day! 
Mom also heard, "I love you" for the first time!
Approximations also became much more frequent and on point.

Now let's hear about R:

R is 11 years old and on the higher functioning end of the Autism spectrum.  When she started Liovi, her ATEC was between a 9 and a 14, depending on the day.  Her ATEC now after Liovi is at a 6, which means she is communicating more age appropriately and more willing to help and do chores without being constantly reminded or having an attitude.  Her over all behavior, attitude communication and comprehension have all made a significant improvement.  More chill.  Less anxiety. Less obsessing.

Let me tell you about Sophia :

She was diagnosed with moderate severe autism at  24 months old. Sophia was nonverbal until she was 6.  She made lots of progress on biomedical protocols, but still had a ways to go.  After taking Liovi,  she has turned into mama's helper!  She now puts her own clothes away and begs to put her mom's clothes away as well!

Then, there is S:

S is 13 years old. When he started Liovi, he was nonverbal. He was spoon-fed all his life.  Everything he did, was prompted.  He would sit in the same spot for hours unless told to move.  He did not react to the world around him, even when given a B12 injection.

After Liovi, this boy has come out of his shell!  He shows over all awareness of his surroundings.He is saying small sentences.  He is showing his personality.  He is interested in people and things.  He can feed himself.  His progress looked like going from the behavior of a one month old to that of a 3 year old in a matter of weeks!

To see video of him reading, join the FB group Liovi for ASD.

These things sound too good to be true.  I know it's hard to imagine.  That is why I am writing about it.  These kids are making too much progress to keep this a secret!

What does your gut say?

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